One mathematical problem in combinatorical topology: my lecture at the conference Group 32 in Prague

We formulate one mathematical problem, which will be useful in Quantum Gravity problematics. We will call, that a circle with finite length and finite circumference, which could be deformed, is a ring: let’s have a finite collection of N rings, which could not touch. Derive a formula for number of non-homeomorphic structures, which could be constructed from this finite collection of rings; Every two rings could be linked only once, they could not be knotted or twisted. We don’t consider the Brunnian type of ring.

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I was studying theoretical physics at the Charles university. I am interested in cosmological perturbation theory and mathematical methods of quantum gravity. I am also working in neuroscience. You could find my articles, for example, in online journal European Physical Journal C or mathematical journal Topology and its applications. I participated - during my Ph.D. - in many conferences, for example, in Odessa, Odessa International Astronomical Gamow Conference-School 2013, and cosmological conference Modern cosmology, CMB and LSS in Benasque 2014, or Winter School of Geometry and Physics in Srní 2015. Other my activity is playing the piano. I regularly give concerts. My favourite authors are S.Rachmaninoff, A.Scriabin and F.Chopin. You could find more informations at

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