Causal set approach to Quantum Gravity

Causal set approach to Quantum Gravity is a quite new theory developed at late 80’s and 90’s of last century. It is a discrete approach to Quantum Gravity, by contrast with string theory or loop quantum gravity. And it is the only theory so far, which gave us a plausible bound on the value of the cosmological constant! These are slides from my lecture in Nuclear Physics Institute in Řež in Czech republic.

Some of my reccordings

There are my reccordings of A.N.Scriabin, F.Chopin, T.Yoshimatzu and myself: A.Scriabin – Etude op.42, no.4; A.Scriabin – Etude op.8, no.12; A.Scriabin – Prelude op.11, no.4; A.Scriabin – Prelude op.11, no.6; A.Scriabin – Prelude op.13, no.1; F.Chopin – Etude op.25, no.1, T.Yoshimatzu – Prelude to little spring, J.N. – Landing (2011)


Concert cycle Classical Prague

Classical Prague

We began the artistic project Classical Prague in 2015. The preparation for the serie was in Teplice, 30th March 2015. The interprets at this concert were Markéta Janoušková, Jan Novák and Andrea Vavrušová. We played in the Spa Hotel Beethoven.

The next two concerts were 17.10.2015 in evangelical church By Salvator and 1.11.2015 in church Svatý Jan na Prádle in Prague. The interprets were members of Ensemble Sporck: Lukáš Vytlačil, Lukáš Vendl, Alena Hönigová a Dora Pavlíková

Third concert was in Jan Deyl Conservatory in Prague. The artists were Adam Stráňavský, Jan Novák and Martin Kasík. It was 14.11.2015.

Fourth concert was also in Jan Deyl Conservatory 12.3.2015. The interprets were Adam Stráňavský, Jana Ivanecká, Jan Pech, Jan Novák a Pavel Voráček.

The last event was in Muzeum of Antonín Dvořák 25.6.2016. There played Pavel Voráček, Anna Rheingans and Jan Novák.

We prepare for this season 2 concerts. The first concert will be 15.10. 2017.  We would like to invite You to this event.